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Radeon graphics cards and processors are made by ATI and they deal with 3d processing video cards VPU graphics performance and visual realism for PCI Express.
Radeon 9200

Radeon 9200

RADEON® 9200 series delivers a dazzling visual experience with the highest performance in its class, driven by an advanced Quad-pipe rendering architecture. Offering full support for the AGP 8X standard and extremely programmable geometry and texture engines, RADEON® 9200 series produces the sharpest possible graphics and video imagery. RADEON® 9200 series puts ATI's advanced stability and highly optimized 2D and 3D features in the hands and desktops of PC enthusiasts everywhere.

§         Quad-pipe Pixel Power
A highly programmable graphics environment with four independent rendering pipelines gives RADEON® 9200 series the pixel processing power to drive today's leading 3D applications. Matching high performance with competitive pricing, RADEON® 9200 series delivers barrier-free entertainment to the most demanding PC enthusiasts.

§         High-Performance 3D
RADEON® 9200 series is the first mainstream graphics solution to combine Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 support with AGP 8X. Twice the bandwidth of other graphics processors provides substantial horsepower for the most demanding desktop 3D applications.

§         Redefining Realism
RADEON® 9200 series sets new levels for visual realism in graphics and video content. SMOOTHVISION™ delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without sacrificing frame rates, while FULLSTREAM™ delivers smoother-looking, higher-quality streaming Internet content without putting extra demands on the CPU. Add SMARTSHADER™ technology and watch RADEON® 9200 series handle the 3D experience with ease

§         Monitor Management
HYDRAVISION™ provides the solution for controlling monitor real estate. RADEON® 9200 series supports effortless organization of multiple display configurations that increase efficiency, productivity and enhance the gaming experience.