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Radeon graphics cards and processors are made by ATI and they deal with 3d processing video cards VPU graphics performance and visual realism for PCI Express.
RADEON® X300 Graphics Technology - Versatility and Performance at a Value Price

RADEON® X300 Graphics Technology - Versatility and Performance at a Value Price

RADEON® X300 graphics technology is an affordable upgrade to broaden the visual possibilities on your PC. RADEON X300 delivers enhanced visual quality and performance for today’s and tomorrow’s graphics-intensive digital photo and video applications, web-surfing and gaming. The RADEON X300 fully supports the newest PC architecture standard – PCI Express® with the ability to send and receive data simultaneously at twice the speed of current AGP 8x solutions. The RADEON X300 offers reliability, speed and graphics computing power.

Whether it’s digital photography, video editing, web surfing, viewing streaming video or gaming, RADEON X300 graphics technology offers the performance to achieve the best visual experience possible at an affordable price!

The RADEON X300 enhances the PC Experience:

Maximize Peripheral Investments
When buying the best digital peripherals like digital cameras and wide-screen monitors, upgraded graphics is required to fully optimize their capabilities. It’s about balancing input with output. The RADEON X300 drives high-end monitors to full capacity, ensures better refresh rates for reduced eye strain and improves digital photo and video image quality. The RADEON X300 is an ideal PC upgrade to make your digital photos appear at their best before you email or edit them for all to see.

Game for Glory
Gaming enthusiasts reap the rewards of ATI’s outstanding gaming reputation. RADEON X300 is designed with a 4 pipe rendering architecture. It provides full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9, and ATI’s SMARTSHADER™ and SMOOTHVISION™ technologies to deliver impressive processing power, and superior 3D image quality. All this ensures that the RADEON X300 fully supports today’s game titles, allowing for a much better gaming experience.

Future-Proof Hardware
Next generation operating systems and applications will be designed around PCI Express®. The RADEON X300 incorporates ATI’s one-chip PCI Express® graphics solution so that users can keep pace with changing technology requirements.