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Radeon graphics cards and processors are made by ATI and they deal with 3d processing video cards VPU graphics performance and visual realism for PCI Express.
ATI RADEON® X600 Graphics Technology - Take your Graphics to New Visual Heights

ATI RADEON® X600 Graphics Technology - Take your Graphics to New Visual Heights

RADEON X600 graphics technology fully supports PCI Express® design specifications – the new standard for PCs. With RADEON X600 graphics you have the ability to send and receive data simultaneously at twice the speed of current AGP 8X solutions. ATI’s one-chip architecture is designed for better PC power management and reliability resulting in a complete PCI Express® graphics solution.

Gaming Just Got Better
RADEON X600 is the next generation, making it the ideal choice for serious gamers looking for the right balance of value and performance. RADEON X600 graphics technology has a brand new graphics memory interface delivering frame rates that allow for a highly responsive and smooth game-play experience. RADEON X600 supports the newest games and is fully compatible with Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 to ensure you are ready for all the action today and with tomorrow’s titles.

More than Just Gaming
Investing in RADEON X600 graphics is an affordable and effective way to get the most out of your PC. With today’s technology advancements in digital photography and video editing you need upgraded graphics to optimize performance and image quality. RADEON X600 graphics technology ensures that you are maximizing the visual capabilities of your computer and new wide-screen and LCD monitors, allowing for an overall enhanced PC experience – making RADEON X600 graphics technology a must have addition to your PC hardware. In addition, upgrading a graphics card is important for everyday PC functions such as online video chat, web surfing, and screen refreshes as they free-up the CPU and system memory to perform other operations more effectively.

Superior 3D Features
RADEON X600 features ATI’s exclusive SMARTSHADER™ 2.0 delivering fully programmable DX9 vertex and pixel shaders to the game developer, while defining a higher level of image realism for the end user. In addition RADEON X600 offers SMOOTHVISION™ 2.1 which smoothes uneven edges and improves blurred images. HYPER Z™ III conserves video memory bandwidth for improved performance in demanding 3D games and applications. These features help ensure striking picture clarity, visual detail and contour fluency. RADEON X600 is designed with 4 pixel pipelines allowing for all the power and performance needed for today’s demanding games.

Strong Software Foundation
ATI’s award-winning CATALYST™ suite of software optimizes the graphics processor of ATI’s desktop products while ensuring maximum stability and user control. CATALYST provides frequent driver updates backed by ATI customer support to ensure complete customer satisfaction. RADEON X600 graphics technology is the perfect choice for today’s new PCI Express® graphics.

Take Your New PCI Express® Computer to New Visual Heights with the Trusted Leader in Graphics
In collaboration with Intel®, ATI was the first graphics company to demonstrate a live PCI Express® solution based on RADEON X600 technology. ATI’s proven leadership and expertise positions RADEON X600 as the ideal PCI Express® graphics choice for 3D gaming and the latest digital PC applications. RADEON X600 enables users to future proof their PCs while delivering superior image quality and the performance they demand.